An Introduction~


It’s me and the best Bender cosplay i’ve ever seen at ECCC13.

Greetings and salutations Ladies & Gents of the inter-verse~! [Inter-verse… I’m not sure if I like the sound of that…]

I’m your ghost host, wait… no.

I’m Chandra Free! [there we go] ~your not-so-typical artist/writer comic maker- gal.  I do a spooky graphic novel series called, THE GOD MACHINE [published by Archaia] and a slew of other projects.

So!  For the longest time I’ve been wanting to do a blog that covers more of the professional side of comics- like the process in which it takes to make comics, art, writing, events, conventions, etc! Even cover my projects as I’m working on them, and talk about other creators and what they’re up to!  If this blog goes right, I’d like to talk on health of creators, food & places to visit while on the convention scene, convention reports, style & presentation, and various pop culture things as they relate to the industry. [Hopefully I will not deviate too far off topic!]

That’s my little introduction for now!

If there are any topics you’d like to see me cover in my blog, relating to comics, [i.e. How do you letter?  Females in comics and what that means? What’s the deal with CYMK? Art before process? DeviantART? etc] let me know! I want to help bring light to things that are not always so visible in this industry, plus input is always nice! 😉

Til’ next time GADGET… mmmrrrrrrow!


p.s. This weekend [April 6-7, 2013] me & the BLAM! Ventures crew are going to Reading, PA for Comic Geek Speak’s Super Show!


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